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What if I need to order a box for more than 8 people?
Our boxes can usually cater for a few more people so can feed more than 8. If you need one for a larger group of people, we recommend ordering two separate boxes.

Why are there amount brackets?
The amounts for a box are a guidelines and act as a minimum-maximum. If you love your cheese, then perhaps order a larger box.

How long will my cheese last?
If wrapped properly, the cheese will keep for at least two weeks when stored in the fridge.

How do I store my cheese?
We recommend that you refrigerate on arrival and we provide additional wax paper to re-wrap your cheese should there be any left!

What’s the best way to serve my cheese?
We recommend that you allow a couple of hours out of the fridge to bring the cheese to room temperature, to enjoy at its best.

How will I know what the cheeses are?
We personally select the cheeses for you and include names and tasting notes in the box.

I would like a box for the weekend, when is the best time to order?
Our cut off for weekend delivery is Friday at midday. We would recommend ordering either Thursday or first thing Friday to ensure it gets delivered to you in time.

Why do I have to order before midday?
We want our boxes to be delivered to you in the condition they are sent in. By only doing next day delivery Monday-Saturday, we can ensure that the cheese will arrive to you in the best possible condition.

I have a nut allergy, is the box safe?
Although none of the cheeses contain nuts, we cannot guarantee that any of them haven’t come into contact with nuts either during production or at our shop.